Bad Axe Biz Club
Bad Axe Biz Club
Carolyn Zick

Welcome to Bad Axe Biz Club

Take your social marketing to the next level with expert strategy and a supportive community.

About Us

Bad Axe Biz Club combines the social marketing expertise of Bad Axe Enterprises owner Carolyn Zick and the community support of dedicated business owners like YOU! Together we problem solve, learn, grow, and ROCK our marketing strategies in a confidential and supportive environment.

Why You Should Join Us:

Get mindful, strategy focused social marketing expertise in a confidential and supportive community of dedicated business owners and founders. Learn, grow, and rock your marketing while networking with other passionate folks.

Some sweet benefits:

-Bad Axe Biz Club members attend all virtual workshops hosted by Bad Axe Enterprises for free
-Access the current and future eBooks from Bad Axe in the Club library
-Monthly live video series "New on the Internet" breaking down new social media features and updates and what they mean for your brand
-Office Hours Chat to get your marketing questions answered
-Dive deep into social marketing topics with action-driven strategies
-Hang out with other amazing, driven business owners!